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Announcing the authentik Enterprise release!

· 3 min read
Jens Langhammer

📣 We are happy to announce that the first authentik Enterprise release is here! 🎉

The Enterprise release of authentik provides all of the functionality that we have spent years building in our open source product, plus dedicated support and account management. This Enterprise version is available in Preview mode in our latest release, 2023.8.

This is an exciting step for us, as we grow the team and the company and our user base. We officially became a company just last fall (I wrote about it in November 2022, in “The next step for authentik"), and this release is another move forwards in maturing authentik into the SSO and identity management app of choice.

One thing we want to acknowledge, up front, is that we would never have been able to achieve this goal without the years of support from our open source community. You all helped build authentik into what it is today, and that’s why all of our Enterprise-level features will be open core and source available, always.

To upgrade and get going with the Enterprise version, refer to our documentation for instructions for your deployment:

Keeping it simple, we made sure that installing and upgrading authentik is exactly the same process for both Enterprise version and our free open source version.

With this first Enterprise release, dedicated support is the feature; this version provides access to our Support center where you can open tickets, view tickets and their progress, and ask questions about your Enterprise product.

For our open source community, we will continue to engage in the robust conversations and problem-solving, as always, in our Discord server. These conversation and community collaboration are the heart and soul of authentik… we learn from everyone, and we will always be active and responsive there within our community.

Check out our Enterprise documentation for information about creating and managing your organization, purchasing and activating a license, accessing support, and managing billing and organization members.

In future releases, we will be adding additional Enterprise features, including RBAC support, inbuilt remote desktop access, and an authentik mobile app for multi-factor authentication.

For this preview release of authentik Enterprise, we’d like to hear from you; thoughts and suggestions, questions, any specific direction that you’d like to see the Enterprise version focus on? Contact us at