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Hackathon 2023



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Join us for our first authentik hackathon!​

Everyone welcome; we will work on code, docs, and anything else that looks interesting and challenging.

Moderators will be available for most US and European hours, so if during the multi-day event, participants have questions or a PR needs a technical review, we are here for you.

Prizes? Why, Yes! We've got a total prize pool of $5000 and a bunch of cool authentik-branded socks and, indubitably, GitHub fame.


July 26-30, 2023

  • Kickoff meeting is on Wednesday, July 26th, at 8:00am Pacific USA (UTC -7), 5:00pm in Central Europe (UTC +2), and 8:30pm in Mumbai (UTC +5.30)
  • Check-in calls on Thursday and Friday, for one hour, at the same times as above.
  • Wrap-up and first demos on Saturday, starting at same times as above.
  • Final demos, voting, and awards on Sunday! Yep, same times as above.


Online, in our GitHub repo, and on Discord in our #hackathon23 channel for our Kickoff call, checkins, and the wrap-up and awards events. We will also use the #hackathon23 channel throughout the entire five days, for questions and general chatting. Be sure to first visit our welcome-info-rules channel, to review our code of conduct and see the latest posts about the hackathon.

Take a look on GitHub​

If you already know what you and/or your team want to work on, you can open an Issue using our template for all hackathon Issues at any time (why not now?) and add the hackathon label. Then, when you register, enter the Issue number that you opened on your registration form. This way, on Kickoff Day we can easily match particpants with their Issue of interest.

During the Kickoff call, there will be time to peruse existing Issues and add emotes to indicate your interest in working on it (or having it worked on!)

  • πŸš€ I want to work on this
  • ❀️ I want to see this worked on


  • Wednesday, July 26th: Kickoff, voting for topics to work on, teams formed, participants select the Issue/team they are going to work on, and get their environment set up. After the online kickoff, you can start your work at any time.

  • Thursday July 27th: HackDay #1: participants working on their PRs, a one-hour Check-in call

  • Friday, July 28th: HackDay #2: participants working on their PRs, a one-hour Check-in call

  • Saturday, July 29th: an online β€œmeeting” to do wrap-up, participants sign-up for demo slots (Saturday and Sunday slots available), then some demos

  • Sunday, July 30th: rest of the demos, votes, and awards

About that money...​

Be aware that all prize money distributions will follow local/state/country laws regarding taxation, not providing funds to citizens of countries prohibited by US law, and all other legal requirements.


Chat with us on Discord and email us at!

Spread the word!​

We would be grateful if you help us get the word out. Share this page and information wherever you hang out. Bring 'em all!