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Beta versions

You can test upcoming authentik versions by switching to the next images. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest stable release before upgrading to Beta images. It is always possible to upgrade from the Beta to the next stable release.


Downgrading from the Beta is not supported. It is recommended to take a backup before upgrading, or test Beta versions on a separate install. Upgrading from Beta versions to the next release is usually possible, however also not supported.

Add the following block to your `.env` file:

The Beta image is amd64 only. For arm64 platforms, append -arm64 to the tag name (no spaces).

Next, run the upgrade commands below.

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

To verify whether the upgrade was successful, go to your Admin panel and navigate to the Overview dashboard. There, you can check the version number to ensure that you are using the Beta version you intended.